Vape pen blinks whenever cartridge is in

Vape pen blinks whenever cartridge is in

For most useful outcomes while using the Bloom Brand Battery Kit, please follow our guidelines and recommendations below:

1. take care not to overcharge the battery pack.

The Bloom Battery Kit is just an unit that is fully rechargeable only takes 3-4 hours to charge. To prevent overheating the system, try not to leave battery pack asking for very long amounts of time, such as for instance instantly (Light-emitting Diode will light continuously during asking plus the Light-emitting Diode will flash 10X and then turn fully off as soon as completely connected and charged to power).

When it comes to Bloom DART battery, keep carefully the battery pack attached to the charger through to the light shuts down, showing the unit is completely charged. The Light-emitting Diode light from the unit will flash 20 times and then shut down (whenever connected to the charger) to point the complete cost.

2. maintain your battery pack clean.

We suggest having he has a good point a liquor swab, or Q-tip, to carefully clean your battery pack every one or two months. We try this to prevent any build-up of oil-residue that will cause problems with connectivity.

  1. Gather Q-tips and rubbing liquor.
  2. Wet the Q-tip with rubbing liquor and carefully swirl the Q-tip across the battery pack mind (Use as numerous Q-tips as required until the metal-connector is wholly without any residue). Leer más