Just just What do you really like about Ukraine? – Ukraine Forum

Just just What do you really like about Ukraine? – Ukraine Forum

Hello to everybody else. I will be very wondering how many other people thinking about Ukraine. Please right down 5 things that are main would you like about Ukraine and 5 things everything you dislike. Many thanks for the solution.

Likes 1 crimea 2 the foodstuff 3 perhaps perhaps not costly 4 breathtaking ladies like my girlfriend oberlon beer dislikes 1 passport control at borispol airport 2 taxi touts at borispol they wont take no for a solution 3 ladies scammers 4 shopping that is rude in stores eg kiev may be the worst 5 dymano kiev i support shaktar donetsk hope you discover this of good use? Regards bagot13

We visited Ukraine very long time ago but really quikly Odessa and Zaporozhie, Crimea, so can not judge greatly.

But my estimation. 1. Love people russkih I ukraincev, 2. Agree women simply amazing, 3. Lots of history 4. Love that this nation therefore different in every her parts: western, Southern, North, East, 5. No visa: ))(now)

1. Dislike because people that are everywhere little energy who rather than assisting individuals attempt to make thert life more challenging.

Hello Bagot13. Many thanks for the response! I adore your responses. Consent with all your likes)) & most of dislikes. Leer más